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Working Late


Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham
Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. These were words that Andrew knew but had never truly understood.

It began easily enough, with a phone call. “Wendy, honey; I have to work late tonight. Handleman needs that presentation first thing in the morning…”

“Yeah, I know he said next week…”

“I’m not sure what changed either. I’ll be home as soon as I can…”

“Love you too.”

Instead of Power Point and slide shows however, it was cocktails with Lenore, from Marketing.

Drinks and stolen kisses.

One deception begets four more. Soon it’s difficult to keep track of the stories, excuses, and lies. Andrew slides down the neck of a bottle and still more deception ensues.

Then one July night, over dinner, Lenore tells him she’s expecting. He chokes on his food and bolts from the room.

The very next night, Wendy turns down a glass of red and says, “Andy, I’m pregnant.”

He’s beginning to understand.

24 thoughts on “Working Late

  1. Well done! An affair and then both women end up preggers! Thanks again TN for contributing to the MFtS challenge. I hope to see you back next week. Be well… ^..^

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    1. Thanks Joe. Your comment made me realize I had neglected to insert the photo prompt. I’ve taken care of that now. I’m usually not very good with symbolism. I tend to write more “matter of fact” stuff.


  2. Charlotte A. Cavatica and Peter Parker, Andrew’s children, went into business together on a silk manufacturing company. Their product was primarily sold to manufacturers of various optics who use the thread for crosshairs in instruments such as telescopes, microscopes, and telescopic rifle sights. And because spider silk is rich in vitamin K, which can be effective in clotting blood (useful after one has been shot–probably multiple times–by a rifle sporting a sight with crosshairs made with their silk fibers) many medical manufacturers purchased their product as well. The irony of it all–the silk, the guns and the loss of life-sustaining blood–was not lost on either of their mothers.

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    1. I haven’t heard any of the stories. Perhaps you can fill me in when next Monday’s prompt rolls around! I love gossip, dontcha know!


  3. Great story! Reminds me of the House episode when Taub discovered both his wife and his gf were pregnant…

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    1. I’m not familiar with that but it would be exactly like that. One of the smartest things I ever did was to marry my trophy wife first. Makes life much easier!

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  4. Not everybody is this productive when working late. I wonder if he’s proud of his, ahem, achievements… Nice one!

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