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I’m thinking about this
What constitutes endurance?
Think man, think.

OK – I got it. My great grandmother on my mother’s side.
They told me her name was Mame. They say that
after her gold miner husband was killed in a card game –
in the New Mexico territories – that
she abandoned the mine and homesteaded a ranch instead.

She had four daughters; no sons. The girls were named:
Beryl, Clint, Beatrice, and Daughter
All four girls were college educated.
My Grandma got her degree in 1908. Latin.
Stuff like that seldom happened in those days.

Mame was 100 years old when she died
I remember her (barely). I remember sitting on the porch with her; watching her smoke and drink coffee. I remember her funeral.
She was smaller than my mom.
My mom was five feet tall.

Family stories tell me that Mame knew how to squeeze a dollar.
Legend is that she would wear her boots on the wrong feet every other day.
They would wear more evenly that way.
They would last longer.

I think that she was probably the embodiment of endurance.
She could be the “Endurance” poster girl
She would probably “wring a knot in my tail”
If she heard me calling her a poster girl.