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Photo Courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham
Photo Courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham


Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it. He had snuck to the garage to get his clubs and found, instead, a note penned in Hera’s hand.


“I have your golf clubs locked away. They’ll ne’er again see the light of day – ‘til you finish the things you promised. The car still needs washing, and so does the dog. The toilet still has a nasty clog. The weeds are taking over the lawn. The checking account is overdrawn. Oh, and I have the TV remote as well!”


He tossed lightning bolts about, setting the lawn afire, burning the weeds. He conjured up a fierce storm, sending mortals to seek shelter, rinsing the car and dog.

“Damn her,” he muttered under his breath. He worked himself into a proper tizzy and screamed, to no one in particular. “The checking account will have to wait! It’s Sunday morning.”

He checked the note again, then moped off to find a plunger.

15 thoughts on “Women!

  1. Hahaha! What a fantastic story! Good for Hera for locking his golf clubs away. The worst punishment any man (or god, as the case may be) could possibly get!


  2. The poem as a to-do list is very funny, and how he gave in and started the chores rings true to reality.

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  3. Such a nag, that Hera. It sounds like Zeus hasn’t been pulling his weight around the house, though, Naughty Zeus 🙂 At least the car and dog got a bit of a clean.

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