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Of Course, There’s no Science to Support This

Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham
Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham


At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.

It contained the known universe and initially lay near the ice cap of a much larger planet;
in a much larger universe than our own – with countless others just like it.

When the glaciers had melted there, all of the marble sized universes dispersed,
spreading across the face of the larger planet.

Some had descended to the bottom of the seas where they were crushed by tremendous pressures.
Ensuing floods extinguished their stars. All life contained therein had perished.

Some found their way to the desert floors where a fiery end awaited.

Still others were crushed by or eaten by creatures that had survived the glacial upheaval.


Ours found its way to fertile soil and waits,
waits to see what happens with the marble that is the much larger universe, lying somewhere on the surface of a still larger planet.


25 thoughts on “Of Course, There’s no Science to Support This

  1. I want to read more TN. This is a sign of a good story that is well told… Any hints as to what happens next? Thanks for the contribution to the MFtS challenge and be well… ^..^

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  2. A scary thought, it makes me feel even smaller than I do now (given the size of our own universe). I love the way your story portrays the fate of all these universes as being so random. Great story, very imaginative!

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  3. I had an idea for a macro/micro universe thing sort of like this once. I think there might have been vegetal inspiration involved. And I probably forgot it before I got home.

    It’s tough to pull something this ambitious off so concisely. I liked it.

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