Picture Prompt #17: The “Plus One” Choice


Your gig line’s not straight darlin’.
The shine on those boondockers is non-existent and, it’s right over left all the way up, understood?
Where’s your cover?
Hair should be high and tight!
I want you to fall out and go square yourself away. Report back to me in half an hour’s time.
First drop and give me twenty.
If your gonna be in MY Army then your gonna play by MY rules.



2 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #17: The “Plus One” Choice

  1. I found this about a year ago with an article–which I wish I had saved– about a parks-n-rec program for frustrated parents of the highly undisciplined brat child. Whatever happen to just good ol’ summer day camp with sing-alongs, kick ball and making your own macrame key chains?

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