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The Dereliction of an Unexpected Vice


Blanche took her eye from the scope and pinched the bridge of her nose. She’d been on this rooftop too long, waiting for a shot. Duran was staying away from his windows, playing it safe. Three more minutes, she’d give him three more minutes and then she had to go. She’d been here too long already and if she didn’t get a clear shot soon she would have to find another opportunity.

She knew he was in there, she’d spotted him in his slate grey uniform with the canary yellow epaulets. He stayed in the back of the room, concealed in the shadows pawing the women he kept close. Every day was a party for General Duran – he puffed on his cigars and swilled rum like he hadn’t a care in the world. Ironically, she thought that as long as he didn’t know she was here waiting; he hadn’t.


7 thoughts on “The Dereliction of an Unexpected Vice

  1. I love that the sniper is a woman, and that her name is Blanche. The opening worked very well. El General won’t be in dereliction of his duties for much longer!

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    1. This was a fun one. Set the hook and reel ’em in! The twist of unexpected gave me Blanche – and shooting people from rooftops could possibly be considered a vice. Right?


      1. Aha! I was right about the name. El General is pretty much up to his eyeballs in vices as well, so she’s keeping good company. Hey – while I’m here – did you ask your group about posting any of their responses to past prompts?


      2. I was thinking it’d be fun to share what others’ take is of the prompts outside our tiny circle…”tiny” being the operative word. I also want/need to boost participation, so yes, I admit I have a bit of an agenda in asking. No worries, however, if sharing outside your group is not their thing!

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