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Here There be Dragons



I don’t typically offer up unsolicited advice. I don’t usually tell folks what I think they should do, unless they ask me.

Work hard.
Play hard.
Be passionate about both.
Find a vocation you love and become the best at it.
Discover an avocation that pulls you in.

Find someone to love.
Love them tirelessly and completely.
Share with them, everything.
Listen when they speak.

Nurture your creativity.
Make things.
Do things.
Take photos
Make films
Do what makes you happy.
Share your creativity with others, loved ones and strangers alike.

Care about others and look out for them.
Care about yourself.

That’s about it!
No, wait! There’s a little bit more.

Never play cards with a man called “Doc”.
Never sleep with anyone who has more troubles than you do.
Never admit to being intelligent or having a driver’s license.

OK, that’s it.

10 thoughts on “Here There be Dragons

  1. I have this image of the little rabbit boy in your recent (award-winning!) story. He’s sitting there in the kitchen with a knapsack on his back, ready to embark out on the cruel world, looking at his father with soft, wide and terribly confused eyes.

    “OK, Papa.”

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      1. I wanted to add a something more, but–being inspired, as I have been in the past with your writing–I decided to channel that inspiration onto TBP and added a 2nd request to TBP Classified Ad post. So, thanks for that!
        (and, no, the last part in that post’s “small print” was not written after reading your GG submission. I swear!)

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      2. But, honest-to-God T, it wasn’t!! Just crazy coincidence of timing. I’ve had one awkward experience before ODP/TPB and learned to incl. disclaimers. Anyway, I do hope you submit something. You have a fun sense of plot and character. And now I’m going to go eat dinner and watch Cialis commercials 😉

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  2. Another one – Never do anything you are good at for free.

    I liked that driver’s license’s point. Sometimes people start using us like drivers without a fee.

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