SL-WEEK 1 : Moi

Yesterday I received an invitation from M.

It could be something that defines me. But no single thing fully defines anyone. Your work does not define you, your looks do not define you, who you choose to love and who loves you do not define you. There are simply too many facets of each of us for one photo to define us.


I took this picture three days ago of some lights that I recently made that have been installed at a small amphitheater in a park not too far away. In this case I am telling you that my work is what defines me. In truth, it only defines part of me but so be it. I hope this fits the bill!


6 thoughts on “SL-WEEK 1 : Moi

    1. The banner is a shot of the side of a building in LA County that we did. Color changing – pretty flash. I didn’t do the fins. Only the lights.

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  1. I used to believe I knew what defined me. I have no idea anymore. In fact, my confidence in my knowledge base and identity seems to be going backwards with time.

    Unless you’re talking about the mustache in my profile pic. That mustache totally defines me.

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