And Then Everything Changes

“Thanks for coming Mrs. Meyer.

“We noticed an anomaly in your screening. It’s probably nothing, but with your permission, we’d like to run some additional tests.”


16 thoughts on “And Then Everything Changes

      • There is a tendency to want to take prompts to a thrilling/happy place. We do this for entertainment, so it stands to reason. But raw honesty is just as moving. It was a gut punch, but in a good way, which is what I ought to have said in the first place.

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  1. Oh, this is such a terrible feeling. Even if it is nothing, that dread that sets in until results are back in just leaves you feeling hopeless and helpless. You start to fret the worst, and you wonder if it’s the last bowl of cold cereal that you’ll ever eat, then you question why you’re wasting your last breakfast on cold cereal instead of steak and eggs and french toast with mimosas. Great job! There’s just so much punch in this short piece!

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  2. I hate the words “It’s probably nothing”. They usually mean its definitely something. Good job. Very succinct and well written. That is something I struggle with, so I know it’s not easy.

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