Wallace and Robert


Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham
Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham

The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive. They asked Wallace, the sorcerer, to prepare a potion, but the sorcerer had a date.

The sorcerer enlisted his apprentice, “Robert, I have a date with the widow Johnson, but we have an important job to do.” He explained that a potion was to be made from Solanaceae. Then he conjured up a bouquet of Petunias for the widow Johnson and left his apprentice alone.

Robert goggled Solanaceae and learned that the family included both capsicum and the tomatillo.

At the market Robert bought ingredients; tomatillos, jalapeños, serranos, and poblano’s.

While the tomatillos boiled; he prepared the chilies and pureed them all together. After a taste, he decided to throw in onion, cilantro, salt, and some garlic.

When Wallace returned the next morning he found a jar of spicy salsa verde in the refrigerator.

I should’ve been more specific, he lamented to himself. He rested his forehead in his palm.