Picture Prompt #22: Revisited


Photo Courtesy of The Blog Propellant
Photo Courtesy of The Blog Propellant

Have you ever noticed how the color of the sea can change? There are days when the water is turquoise. Days when it is green, as though envious. Days when it is grey. There are days when I cannot possibly discern the horizon because the hue of the ocean and the colour of the sky are one, and the same.

The water displays emotion too. It can be angry, peaceful, happy, or adventurous. If you pay attention to the moods of the sea you will learn to tell if it is daring you to enter or warning you to stay away. You will know when it beckons and invites you in.

I love the sound and sight of the sea birds – gracefully soaring above, darting, diving, calling.

I cherish our walks on the beach. The scent of the sea. The fine wet sand between my toes. The waves lapping at my feet. The soft breeze drifting in over the water.


The way your hand fits into mine and the sound of your voice as you tell me about your day, your work, your dreams.




4 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #22: Revisited

  1. Oh, how lovely! (sigh)
    I love how it pulls in everything about that scene… the vast beauty of the ocean then gently meandering its way down to the intimacy of the couple and the emotion of moment. (sigh…)

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  2. I have been staring at the exact seem picture in my Drafts every day for however long since that post came out, and you have managed to capture this aspect of what I have been trying to express with ease and peace. Once again, well done my friend!

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  3. Absolutely. Many years ago I had a job that took me along Oregon’s Rogue River, and then out to a cliff overlooking the Pacific. All summer it changed colors by the hour, never to repeat itself.

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