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Picture Prompt #24 – M is for Mother


“Hey Smitty, I got a new picture of my girl in the mail today, wanna see?”

“Man Chooch,” I said, “keep it down. We’re supposed to be on guard duty.”

“Oh yeah,” he said contritely, “here look. She’s a real peach! Got a photo of your girl Smitty?”

“No, man; I just have a picture of my mom. I dug the laminated photo out of my breast pocket.”

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He studied it, “What’s that mean, ‘No Reason Ahead’?”

“I made her pose there. Mom never needed a reason for anything. Whenever I’d ask her why, she’d say, ‘because I said so.’”

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Animal Cruelty

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“Hide the ball, quick! Hide it.”

“Rudy, what’s up, man?
A game? Nah, we’re just here grazing. We didn’t even bring a ball.”

“Sure, I guess you can hang around but we’re just getting’ ready to split. I got one of my meetings to go to.”

“Hey, Vixen’s at cheerleader practice in that park on 17th street. If I didn’t have my meeting I’d go over there and watch. She’ll be jumping around in one of those short skirts, and she really likes when we support the squad. Yeah, that’s what I’d do.”


“OK, he’s gone. Donner, get the ball.”