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Picture Prompt #24 – M is for Mother


“Hey Smitty, I got a new picture of my girl in the mail today, wanna see?”

“Man Chooch,” I said, “keep it down. We’re supposed to be on guard duty.”

“Oh yeah,” he said contritely, “here look. She’s a real peach! Got a photo of your girl Smitty?”

“No, man; I just have a picture of my mom. I dug the laminated photo out of my breast pocket.”

Photo courtesy of The Blog Propellant

He studied it, “What’s that mean, ‘No Reason Ahead’?”

“I made her pose there. Mom never needed a reason for anything. Whenever I’d ask her why, she’d say, ‘because I said so.’”

The Blog Propellant


2 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #24 – M is for Mother

  1. I’m waiting for the perfect moment to share this silliness with several friends who have no idea this is what I do in my spare time. Thanks for making it all the more weird ;-)…that is, for them. I’m fine with all of it =D

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