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Picture Prompt #26

Image Courtesy of The Blog Propellant
Image Courtesy of The Blog Propellant

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This wasn’t supposed to happen. They were on vacation, for Christ’s sake. It was supposed to be fun, and it had been, until now.

He and Camille had arrived in Barcelona two days earlier. They had spent the last couple of days wandering the city. Exploring, sitting on the beach, sampling the foods, and making love. It was idyllic. It had been idyllic, until now. That morning he had opened his eyes and seen the sun streaming in through the sheer curtains. They had slept in.

Camille was perched on the side of the bed wearing only sheer red lingerie. She looked good in red and even better when she held up the two cups of coffee that she had made with the in-room coffee bar. He smiled and sat up.

“Good morning, Honey.” He said. He sat up in the bed and took the cup she offered. “I must be in heaven. You look great and you have coffee.” She smiled but said nothing. They drank their coffee in silence then made love on the rumpled hotel room sheets.

Richard got up and took the coffee cups back to the coffee bar. He wanted another cup, but these hotels never give you enough coffee for more than two.

“Camille, let’s shower and go to that place at the beach for coffee and breakfast.” He reached out to help her from the bed but she pulled him back in instead. A full seven minutes later he made his way to the bath and showered. Camille, who still hadn’t said a word, was right after him. It was almost 10am when they left the hotel, holding hands. He kept stealing glances of her, walking next to him. She was beautiful, she was glowing, and this vacation was just what she had needed.

“Find us a seat, Honey,” he said. “I’ll go order. What would you like?”

“Just a roll and some coffee.” She smiled and made her way towards a small wooden table on the pavement outside the restaurant.

They were almost done eating when Camille reached into her bag and pulled out a blue and white plastic thing. It looked a little like a spoon. She put it on the table in front of Richard.

“What’s this?” he asked her. “What’s ‘Clear Blue’?” she just pointed at it. Pointed at the little display window near the spoon part. He looked closer. It read ‘pregnant’.

“What? What’s this mean? How could this happen? We take precautions. Did you stop taking your pills? Are you going to get fat? What are you going to do about this?” He put his hand up in front of his mouth. He didn’t want to vomit. His mind was racing. He couldn’t think.

Camille chose that moment to atone for her extended silence. She raised her hand up and lit into Richard, “What do you mean, ‘what am I going to do about this?’” she started.