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Picture Prompt #28


There was a fifty dollar bill tucked between the pages of her book.

She waited at the edge of the highway where the drive came; waited for the Greyhound, refusing to look back at the house.

Her mother would be angry when they discovered she was gone, “Get your head out of the clouds, girl.” Mama always admonished.

Her father would be proud, “Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams.” Papa always told her.

The brakes hissed as the bus ground to a stop.

She walked towards the back and took a seat as the coach lumbered back onto the road.


Image Courtesy of The Blog Propellant
Image Courtesy of The Blog Propellant

3 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #28

  1. It occurred to her, as she tried to make her way around the unfamiliar city, bumping into lamp posts, bashing into walls and tripping over people, that her parents were talking to her in tandem. She stopped, put down her suitcase, and lifting the carefully coiffed cloud off of her head, took a look around. There, in the distance, she spied her dreams running down the street. “Hey!” she called out, as she started to give chase. “Hey! Wait up! Wait for me!”

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