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Lunch With Richard Hsu



Large, crowded, noisy restaurant with large round tables
We are a party of eight
Lazy Susan’s working overtime


Richard uses his Kuàizi to pick up a red skinned roasted peanut
He raises it and makes sure I see before he slips it into his mouth and chews.

Ahh, a challenge

I do the same and he nods, ever so slightly, in approval.

Richard then picks up two peanuts, raising the bar.
I watch and do the same. Again I receive his tacit approval.

Mr. Hsu smiles and skillfully manipulates his Kuàizi to raise three red skinned roasted peanuts, nestled side by side between the chopsticks. He shows them to me, eats them, sets his utensils down, leans back in his chair, crosses his arms, and watches to see what I will do.

Raising my hands in surrender, I laugh we shake hands, and by the time lunch is over, Richard Hsu and I are fast friends.

A really short story, no doubt inspired by the photo provided with the prompt. Check it out and see if it inspires you too!