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Ramiro and Mandy – Sitting in a Tree


Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham
Photo courtesy of Barbara W. Beacham

She lived in a mango tree. Ramiro had helped her build their new home after they had left Bridgid’s loft on C Street. Mandy spent her days bringing him herbal teas and hasenpfeffer. She would entertain him by reading stories from books checked out of the library while he sat on her shoulder gazing out the window; watching the world go by. He particularly enjoyed stories of Pendle Hill, Salem, and North Berwick. They reminded him of the old days.

Life was good until Mandy brought home a young man, named ‘Dude’. She begged Ramiro to let her keep him. He was scraggly and skinny, with long dirty hair. He wore only board shorts and flip flops.

“But of course, you may keep him, dear. If he makes you happy, he is welcome to stay. Let me first turn him into a centipede.”

Mandy watched in horror, as Ramiro waved his wing and it was done.

12 thoughts on “Ramiro and Mandy – Sitting in a Tree

  1. They moved into an attic studio in a dilapidated walk up. Dude spent his days scurrying about, occasionally tickling Mandy’s toes, while she spent most of her time staring out the window at the passing scene below.
    “We’re kinda like Wall-E and his pet cockroach, huh?” She said. Dude didn’t respond. He was a centipede. They don’t talk.
    One day, Mandy watched Dude as he made his way up Ramiro’s perch. Tentatively feeling his way, Dude crawled onto the bird’s back and then onto the top of his head. He rested a moment before winding his way back down to the floor and disappearing in a crack in the wall.
    Mandy kept looking at Ramiro. They really did a good job with him at that animal stuffing place, she thought.

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  2. I’d be afraid if Ramiro turned me into a bug he’d eat me. I guess centipedes are poisonous though. Being he’s magic, I wonder if he was once a person. Good story and well told, T.N. 🙂 — Suzanne

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