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Et tu, Kate and Petruchio?

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“Hey guys, come on in. Sorry that the house is such a mess. Kate’s been too tired lately to keep up on her share of the cleaning; but I scoured the barbecue and mowed the lawn so we’ll eat with paper plates on the patio tonight, hope that’s OK with you.”

“Did you eat the last roll, Peter? One of our guests might have liked it.”

“Dinner was delicious tonight Kate, who made it?”

“Where are the cookies? Where are the cookies? Damnit Pete, I told you that those were for our party. Did you have to eat them all?”

“And here’s a photo of our wedding…
“It proves that Peter once had hair.”
“And that Kate knew how to smile.”
“And that he wasn’t born with a beer belly.”
“Whatever happened to that wisp of a girl I married?”

“I hope you didn’t go to work like that, you look like a ragamuffin.”
“Of course I did.”
“Oh my goodness, what will people think of you?”
“It’s OK dear, they know I’m married. They’ll blame you.”

“I think I need a husband with a job rather than a hobby.”

“Of course dear, you’re right dear, you’re always right.”

“Someday, I hope to be able to park my car in the garage again. Pete keeps saying he’s going to clean it out.”

“I should have listened to my mother.”

“I should have listened to your mother too.”

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