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Without You

Blogging U.

At last I find the stuff I seek – Enough

Cocaine to last a week – and I would give it all to you – ‘Cause it’s

Raining down like silver

Ocean tides will ebb and flow

Sunsets grab and won’t let go – I take

Taxi rides to nowhere – without you

I feel nothing – I don’t know what’s true

Cause I numb the pain  with this Cocaine – trying to forget you

15 thoughts on “Without You

    1. It’s all good Ms Rose – I’m just playing with the WordPress Poetry school. Today’s assignment was “Gift” in acrostic form including a simile.
      How’d I do?

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      1. I haven’t found the secret way to link yet. I’ve been putting my url on the space they reserved for those of us who are participating but with almost 7000 views today alone I feel that I’m lost in the crowd. Not sure how long I’m going to participate.
        Today was day 2 – my post “Camouflage” was day 1.

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      2. Holy.Crap. 7000?!
        I…uh…I don’t …know …
        OK, well.
        Poetry is…that is, your poetry is…
        Ya know, it’s been a long week.
        Oh, look! Hawks up by 10!

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  1. (Had to look that guy up on internet. Hockey…that’s Football with a stick on ice, right?)
    No, no! You keep on doin’ the poetry thang. Though, I think tomorrow’s prompt might be a challenge. But, if you can swing it, I say go for it. See if you can’t get 7001!

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      1. Good luck with that, blogging buddy.
        Hasta la manana, chico.(wicked grin…with a maniacal chuckle…)

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  2. If you find that link secret, lemme know!

    I like how we each took an aspect of the assignment for our acrostic–but your poem is much more entertaining. I don’t believe I’ve read an ode to cocaine before!

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