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Una Oda al Toro

Blogging U.

Love it or hate it as you will
The sport of gladiators and kings
Blood and artistry is what it brings

The crowd buys their tickets to see El Toro killed
Boletos de sol, for Grandpa
Entender, los costos de sombra

The dance is mapped out and performed for the crowd
The matadors’ cool, calm, proud
Picadores on horseback taunt and stab
Banderilleros use darts simply to jab
A clean kill’s the crown, the end of the day
Then the horses come drag Brave Toro away.




Picture Prompt #32

Image Courtesy of The Blog Propellant
Image Courtesy of The Blog Propellant


“Mind if I sit here?”

“It’s a free country so I suppose it’s OK, if you must.”

“You look like somebody I know. Are you on TV or in the movies?”

“I said you could sit there. I didn’t say you could talk.”

“Are you Winnie, the Pooh? No, no; You’re Dancing Bear from those Captain Kangaroo shows I watched when I was a kid.”



“Oh Jeeze, My name is Rodney. I’m just a bear sittin’ by the lake minding my own business. I was enjoyin’ the peace and quiet till you came along.”

“Sorry, Rod, you want me to leave?”

“No, I just want you to be quiet.”

“K. I just feel like I bearly know you.”

“Shut up.”

“Dude, are you Richard Gere? You look kinda like Richard Gere. I think Richard Gere would prob’ly taste like chicken. Do you taste like chicken?”

“Now I’m gonna leave Rod. You’re scaring me.”

“You got a spare salmon in that backpack, Richard? I’m gettin’ kinda hungry.”

“Uhm, no I don’t; but I’m pretty sure I have one in the car. Wait here and I’ll go get it for you. Don’t follow me there, I’ll be right back. OK?”

“Maybe you should just keep moving, Richard. Then you won’t wind up as dinner… Are you still here?”