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Bases Covered


He had a framed portrait of Jesus giving a thumbs up, a framed poster of Ganesh some girl gave him a few years ago, and a painting his mother had done of his dog, on which, for some f-in’ reason, she’d placed a crown of flowers.  Regardless, he liked to have all his bases covered. That’s why he was excited about the delivery he was expecting today.

He had bought a signed and numbered Lasse Åberg limited edition print depicting Mickey Mouse, tripping down the street, wearing a Confucius mask, and carrying a trick or treat bag. Purchased in an online auction for only 450 SEK (about US$54 at today’s exchange rate) it was purported to be number 6 of only 25. Of course it was unframed but he could fix that with a trip to Aaron Brothers. A thin black frame with non-glare glass was what he envisioned, understated and classy, different from the others.

He still needed a few saints and a Warhol Buddha but he was getting close to completing his collection. His sister was going to be so pissed off when he won.

He wondered what had happened to that girl, that Ganesha girl. He missed her sometimes. Lorraine had told him that she’d heard that she had either passed away or moved to Bolivia. He couldn’t remember which, but was hoping for Bolivia.