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Perchant Preparatory Academy

Miss Locke had to shrug. She watched monsters file in.

The procession, to her, seemed to be without end.

They had horns, they had fangs,

They spouted flatulent harangues;

Oh well, that’s how the school year must always begin!


Photo courtesy of Grammar Ghoul Press
Photo courtesy of Grammar Ghoul Press

Look – I won! These short ones are always so difficult for me. I’m amazed!

7 thoughts on “Perchant Preparatory Academy

  1. Perch´ant
    n. 1. A bird tied by the foot, to serve as decoy to other birds by its fluttering.

    The original “typo” plus the photo was apparently taken at the Perchten pagan festival in southern Germany. The Perchten are kind of like “boogie men” in that they are invoked to frighten children and they are also harnessed and forced to parade in order to scare away evil spirits. The similarity between the two words struck me and I had to play with it… just a little bit though.

    Can you imagine the game day song of the “Fighting Perchants”?

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  2. If I were the opposing team? I’d forfeit.


    What would the Fighting Perchants cheerleader costumes look like?
    Yeah…Never mind. Don’t answer that.

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  3. The dudes in the picture are a good deal less scary than an incoming flock of actual human children.

    Those kids have all sorts of scary things running out of every orifice.

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  4. The Perchant Prep Commencement Committee announces the election of tnkerr as the Perchten Valedictorian of the #23 Shapeshifting class of 10/16/2015. Well done, Herr Kerr.

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