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My Country ’tis of Thee


Where I live, we don’t get much viz’tors.
Prolly good, if they’as all like Gulliver.
He ‘us bigger’n ary house
But – ‘e turned out to be OK
‘Least till ‘e peed on the emp’ror. ‘Least till ‘e ran away.

Makin’ water on royalty’s a most treasonous crime
Of course we sentenced the brigand, but ‘e didn’t do time
We didn’t get to starve ‘im
We didn’t get to watch ‘im die
We didn’t get to shoot, our arrows in his eyes.

No, ‘e defected to Blefuscu
Across the deep blue bay.
An’ den dem bastard Blefuscudians
Dey let ‘im get away.

So beware, if you go on holiday
If you want a shore to splash and play,
We still ‘member Gulliver ‘ere.
Don’t come to our fair land.
We got no truck with giants. You mongrels all’re banned.