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George Tooker

George Tooker Lovers, 1982 Lithograph, 12 x 16 inches Edition of 175
Lovers, 1982
Lithograph, 12 x 16 inches
Edition of 175

She told herself it was OK. What she was doing was OK.

The letter had thrilled her, but was unspecific; advising only his return sometime in March.

She took a room at Dixon’s farm in exchange for cooking, cleaning, and laundry. She told Ms Dixon that she was waiting.

The front window offered a view of the station. Whenever a train arrived she watched from that window.

There were three trains a day.

On March 19th, she watched him step down to the platform from the 3:15.

She was off, like a light and,

they collided on the dusty path.


4 thoughts on “George Tooker

  1. You have such a wonderful grasp on the love affair story. Always sentimental, but never saccharine. Emotional without being too melodramatic or unrelatable. And I “see” elements of the other prompt options in this, too. A short and sweet start to the day!

    Liked by 2 people

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