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La Mancha Revisited


The Brave Man of La Mancha used a stick with a forked top as he walked, searching for windmills with which to do battle. He had no Sancho Panza but his man, Elizar, was along; tramping behind and that was close, albeit still lamentable. Sancho would have been so much better.

When they set out together he asked Elizar if he might call him Sancho.

“No,” Elizar replied.

They traipsed about the yard for the entire morning and saw nary a windmill to tilt at. Elizar suggested that perhaps he should go inside and get the book. He implied that it might help them with their quest. Reluctantly, The Brave Man of La Mancha agreed and waited in the shade for Elizar to come back. When he returned, after an interminable absence, Elizar was accompanied by peanut butter  and grape jelly sandwiches along with two bottles of Coke that Mother had sent out.

They broke for lunch.

It was then agreed that The Brave Man of La Mancha would continue to lead  the way and his faithful slave, Elizar would read, and could then pass suggestions forward to The Brave Man of La Mancha, who mistakenly believed Elizar had gone inside to fetch The Dangerous Book for Boys; not their sister’s English Composition textbook.

The Brave Man of La Mancha felt that the fun was being sucked right out of the game when Elizar suggested that it was time for a crisis. He was about to turn and pummel Elizar with the walking stick when he spotted a pigeon in the grass, less than ten feet in front of them.

Suddenly and without warning The Brave Man of La Mancha halted , causing his brother to run into his backside. He put his finger to his lips to signal silence and whispered.

“If thou art not versed in the business of adventure then step aside and pray, whilst I engage this beast in mortal combat.” He raised his stick over his head and crept towards the pigeon.


Ha, ha, ha, ha!

8 thoughts on “La Mancha Revisited

  1. Is there nothing more emasculating than mother sending out peanut butter sandwiches when one is on an epic windmill tilting quest?
    Absolutely charming is this little tale.

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      1. I’m all for the too much fun carpe diem, even it results in the senseless death of a defenseless pigeon. Glad it inspired!

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      2. I’m certain that the pigeon got away! Macho men from La Mancha are not necessarily well versed at wielding walking sticks as weapons.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It seems random and the good folks at WP don’t know why it happens sometimes, but there it is.

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