It’s Our Little Secret



Arrgh, there Matey,

Cap’n Bones Malone, be me.

A fearsome, fearful pirate,

scourge o’ the deep blue sea.

Used to be.

Till I fell in love with Lenora

and I gave up me pirat’n way.

We bought a house in the suburbs,

and I work in the garden all day.

Yeah, I gave up the sea

for the love o’ me life.

I gave up me ship for this trike.

I’ll share with you a secret, but

you cannot tell m’ wife.

Way back, in the back of the g’rage is a trunk

piled high with the usual g’rage stuff n such.

Inside of that chest, tucked ‘neath old clothes and junk

Is me cutlass, a pistol, and map.

It’s all buried deep,

‘neath the rest o’ that crap.

Stuff I couldn’t get rid of

despite me love for Lenore.

Stuff that concisely, precisely defines

the rake of a man that I was before.

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