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It’s Our Little Secret



Arrgh, there Matey,

Cap’n Bones Malone, be me.

A fearsome, fearful pirate,

scourge o’ the deep blue sea.

Used to be.

Till I fell in love with Lenora

and I gave up me pirat’n way.

We bought a house in the suburbs,

and I work in the garden all day.

Yeah, I gave up the sea

for the love o’ me life.

I gave up me ship for this trike.

I’ll share with you a secret, but

you cannot tell m’ wife.

Way back, in the back of the g’rage is a trunk

piled high with the usual g’rage stuff n such.

Inside of that chest, tucked ‘neath old clothes and junk

Is me cutlass, a pistol, and map.

It’s all buried deep,

‘neath the rest o’ that crap.

Stuff I couldn’t get rid of

despite me love for Lenore.

Stuff that concisely, precisely defines

the rake of a man that I was before.

7 thoughts on “It’s Our Little Secret

  1. Very fun little ditty. Completely captures the whimsy of the picture and its setting.
    BTW…When my dad died, my mother refused to go through his shop at the back of the garage for fear of what she would find. Some things are universal, I guess.
    But, here’s the thing, especially considering who set up the prompt: I thought for sure you’d come up with a TBP Guy “after life” tale!
    Karmen — Can I adopt this pic to go along with TBP Guy and Little TBP Guy pics?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. No – the competition was too tough! You didn’t fire him you just didn’t select/hire him.
        I think yo made the right choice, by the way.

        Liked by 1 person

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