Mr. Black was a spy
Mr. Grey was one too
They spied on each other
On me and on you.

Black was a bad guy
You could tell by his clothes
The dark suit defined
The side that he chose.

Grey was more unaligned
Sometimes bad, sometimes good
Usually working the side that
His mom said he should.

One day Mr. Grey’s bosses
Told him he should
Hide in the bushes
and take Black out for good.

I’m sure I could do that
He said with aplomb
But I’m not sure I will
Till I go ask my mom.

Mom said it was good
If it was OK with Dad.
He agreed of course
Cause you can’t make Mom mad.

Photo Courtesy of The Blog Propellant

Grey shrubbed down the wall
From the bad Mr. Black
He awaited his chance
And then he attacked.

From reading with legs crossed
Faces hidden from sight
Grey waited until
The timing was right.

He jumped up and shouted
When the coast was quite clear
Both men wrestled bravely
Neither knew fear.

They both pulled their weapons
Two shots rang out as one
Both spies collapsed
Both spies were done.

Mr. Black, it would seem,
Was quickly replaced
But Mr. Grey’s mom went into mourning and she wore black every day for the rest of her life. She also blamed her husband who had technically given the final approval for the fateful mission. He sank into an alcoholic depression and passed away at the relatively young age of 65 leaving his wife without any family whatsoever. She took the insurance money and has been living on cruise ships every since.

The End

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