That’s Telling ‘Em


I climbed into the passenger seat of Lisa’s big black SUV, waiting at the employee exit, and buckled my seat-belt.

“Well, how’d it go?” Lisa looked at me expectantly, even eagerly.

“Went great,” I said. “I marched in there and laid it all out for him. I said, ‘Mr. Huge I’ve been with Huge Manufacturing for over six years now. My department is always on time and under budget. During the course of my tenure here, I have never gotten a raise. I never asked for a raise, but this year, I need a raise sir.’ I was keeping it respectable and civilized.”

“Good, good,” Lisa said. She was getting excited I could tell ‘cause she was driving faster. “How big a raise did he give you?”


She looked at me with daggers in her eyes, “He did give you a raise, didn’t he?”

“Uhm, well, not yet.”


I couldn’t resist – had to have another go with this prompt!


9 thoughts on “That’s Telling ‘Em

  1. Two?! Gosh. Makes me wish I had thought this one up! ;^) It is a good prompt, isn’t it?
    Very fun, especially this time of year, when folks are (or are not) getting bonus and raises, etc.


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