Janice lowered the binoculars and took another bite of her cheese sandwich. She chewed slowly and continued to stare down the street with her eyes narrowed to slits against the incoming sunlight.

“Dunno Danny. That could be it. I think we’re gonna have to get inside.” She turned her head and looked up the street at the VA Hospital, four or five blocks away. She set her sandwich on the dashboard and lit a cigarette, waving her hand in front of her face to disperse the smoke.

She swiveled her head back and forth between the hospital and the old RV that we were surveilling, in front of the market down the street. “It’s just closer to the VA than I would have thought based on the way he told it. But the colours are right, and it is an Itasca, like he said it would be. Do you think we can risk getting closer?”

I turned the key and the Caprice V8 rumbled to life.

Janice took a quick drag off her cigarette and tossed it out the window. She picked her sandwich back up and had another bite. “Just drive past,” she said, “let’s get a feel for it.”

I nodded my head and kept going by the Safeway parking lot. The subject RV had curtains drawn across the windscreen. We couldn’t see a thing. I wheeled around the block and into the Safeway lot. Deciding to be bold I parked right next to the Itasca.

Janice stuffed the rest of her sandwich in her mouth and started to choke. She got it under control before I could get around saving her but I chided her nonetheless.

“Take it easy,” I said. “We don’t want another Mama Cass on our hands.”

She waved me off and tried the handle on the door to the RV. It was unlocked and opened easily. “Hello,” she said into the gloom. There was no response so she signaled me to wait and went up the stairs closing the door after her. I looked at my watch, it was exactly 1632.

At 1635 she was still inside and I was concerned, but I figured I would give her a little more time. When my watch changed to 1638 I opened the door and stuck my head in the old RV. It was empty…

Sorry, I can’t do ’em all but I got a couple!

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