He built a stone wall,
high and heavy around his heart.
He told himself it was for protection but really,
it was in good part, to keep her away.

He posted guards around the perimeter – sentries, with strict instructions
to keep her at bay.
She laid siege outside of his ramparts. Settled in, patient, waiting

And then, when the time was right,
she sounded a single note of her love song
and brought the bulwarks down, like Joshua at Jericho.

He had been blind to the obvious flaw in his plan.
He had not considered the strength of her will
or the power of her determination.
He never realized that he wanted her so.

A Tuesday morning response to a Monday Writing Prompt generously provided by The Secret Keeper.

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

3 thoughts on “Efficacy”

  1. He must not have realized the power of determination and love combined. What a great poem. I love the free flowing energy. I loved the strength of the woman. Power to those who know what they want and won’t let someone who hasn’t realized yet they feel the same. Determination may have been in control on both sides but love won.The words worked well and you integrated them perfectly. – jk


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