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Daily Prompt; Daily Prompts Return to The Daily Post!

Daily Prompt; Daily Prompts Return to The Daily Post!
Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

In my life I know I’ve lost a thing or two
I’ve lost coffee cups, jobs, and hockey games

Lost my mind.

Lost my shoes.

Lost track of what I was doing.

Once I lost some underclothes in my girlfriend’s mother’s car.
I hope she never found them.


I lost money in real estate. It was the recession of ‘08
I’ve lost luggage, reservations, my faith, and my way

I’ve lost keys.

Lost jewelry.

And lost a memory or two.

I lost track of lots of old friends from school and submarines.
Facebook helps with that, a little, I guess.


I once had a box of crayons. The one with sixty-four.
I tried to wear them all down equally but the “Pink” never got smaller or lost its point.

Cerulean Blue, my favorite, went missing.

I worried for two days.

I accused my sisters of taking it.

Which they, of course, denied but, my creativity suffered. Don’t ever lose your favorite colour!
I took up smoking and hanging out with a rough crowd. Just look at me now. I’m a mess.


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