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Musings on a Missing Bra


There once was a girl from Eugene
Who washed her brassiere in the stream
She scrubbed it all day
And it floated away
But she really just wanted it clean.


Ring, ring
“14th precinct”
“Oh, hello – I need to report some missing unmentionables.”
“You gotta give me more than that or I can’t help you.”
“But they’re unmentionables, and, and… I’m a lady.”
“And, I’m a cop. But, I can’t put out an APB without a description.”
“Oh, OK, I understand. White, B cup, with an underwire, and lace trim.”
“Oh… Sorry. We got some lady cops here. Would this be easier if I transferred you?”
“Yes, please.”
“Hold on, I’ll transfer you to ‘Property Crimes’ and you wanna ask for officer Maldonado. OK?”
“OK, Thanks.”


Once a randy young man from Torquay
Tried to lead a young lady astray.
He got her quite drunk
She passed out in her bunk
So he stole all her best lingerie.

And, he wore it to work the next day.
At a restaurant down by the bay.
Till Old Bill came and took him away.

The challenge from Ms Rose at The Blog Propellant was to write about a missing bra. You can see the brief here.  I have done this one before but I was reminded that there is no rule specifying that I would be disqualified for submitting more than once.

Flash was suggested (50 – 100 words). My story is 97.

Long was also suggested. I ignored that this time.

Limerick was mentioned. I wrote two (sort of) and, Limericks should be on the bawdy side. Right? Right?

5 thoughts on “Musings on a Missing Bra

  1. Sir Kerr…Here’s your EXTRA Bonus Points for being a good sport and a very good writer. Fun stuff!!

    [BTW and in my own defense: I did not specifically request a story about my lost ladies undergarment, in particular, but a story about any object that would be strange to lose. Just sayin’. ;^) ] Always big fun to play writing games with you!

    Liked by 1 person

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