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Do You Got a Plan?



“Why are you doing this Mickey? With less than a year to go.”

“I don’t need a reason, Punk. I been here almost 75 years and I just ain’t gonna stay any longer. You might make it easier but I can do this without you. Now are you in, or out?”

“Oh, I’m in all right. There’s no way I would let you do this on your own. The dogs would get you before you were ten feet outside the wall. Let’s go over the plan.”

“I’m not ’bout to give you all the details. I’ll suffice it to say that we make the break during the next big rain.”

“OK, who’s getting your walker?”

 A Monday evening response to a Monday Writing Prompt generously provided by The Secret Keeper.

5 thoughts on “Do You Got a Plan?

  1. The last line jumped out with surprise. Good story telling. You carefully included the 5 words in perfect places to carry your story forward. I was worried about those dogs getting them. Good to know you wrote in the walker to protect them. – jk 😉

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