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Ripped Into the Headline

Daily Prompt; Ripped Into the Headline

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

Local Disc Golfer Shoots 24 on a Single Hole

Thomas McGlen, a fixture on disc golf courses in the metropolitan area, shot a 24 on the fifth hole at Gingritch Park Disc Golf Course today. McGlen was playing a pickup game of skins with other locals when, without warning, his game simply fell apart. The hole was won by a local hustler with a score of 5; shot brilliantly by a man known only as Y2Carl, since reinventing himself almost 18 years ago.

Also present for the game were:

Ronaldo Sawtooth, a self-employed small engine mechanic with a shop just outside the city limits. Ronaldo is an accomplished golfer and gourmand in the southland. He’s a two time runner-up in the famed “Iron Arm” tournament held at Gingritch Park every autumn. We spoke with Ronaldo about what happened. “Well,” he told our intrepid reporter, “No one was really surprised, Thomas isn’t very good at this game anyway, but we like to let him play cause he’s like… well to be blunt he’s, easy money. Ya know what I mean?”

Landon Preece, another participant in the game told us that McGlen appeared to melt right in front of our eyes. “He couldn’t stay out of the OB. At one point he had to make the same shot five times for it to carry into fair territory. That scene from the movie “Tin Cup” kept playing through my mind only in Tom’s case his whole round sucked, not just that one hole. That was a big difference with the movie, ya know. Eventually he sneaked up close enough to the pin that he was able to nail a one foot putt. Barely.”

Kelly McGlen, Thomas’ second cousin, couldn’t comment on this story because he was unable to stop laughing. Occasionally he managed to catch his breath for a moment only to lapse immediately back into uncontrollable fits of hilarity. This reporter slipped a business card into his pocket and asked him to call if he was ever able to regain his composure. When this story went to press, he had not returned calls so it is assumed he is still laughing.

The last member of the group is Dr. Louie Willy who seemed most concerned about the uncontrollable laughing of Thomas’ cousin. Dr. Willy advised Kelly that if this condition should persist for more than four hours he really ought to contact his doctor. Dr. Willy flatly refused further comment.

We contacted Tom McGlen by phone later that same day to see if he could offer any insight into the quagmire of bad golf he had sunk into. We woke him from a nap and he denied any recollection of the incident.


Mr. Sawtooth has kindly agreed to forward him a copy of the video made with his cell phone. We’ll follow up on this story as it develops. If it develops.

3 thoughts on “Ripped Into the Headline

  1. (giggling) the cousin Kelly bit is hysterical! Sadly it seems so is McGlen’s game.
    I thought I replied to this the 1st go ’round…hmmm…


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