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Picture Prompt 45

Photo courtesy of The Blog Propellant
Photo courtesy of The Blog Propellant

Enrique looked up when the office door opened. Displeasure marked his face when he saw Celeste, her long raincoat wrapped tightly around her, water dripping on the floor.

“You can’t be here, Celeste. My wife is coming – bringing lunch. She could be here at any moment.”

Celeste used her fingertips to push the door shut behind her then turned and engaged the latch. She reached up and removed the comb from her hair and dropped it on the floor, shaking her long dark locks down and staring provocatively at Enrique.

She didn’t speak, but began walking slowly past the drawing table towards Enrique sitting stiffly at his desk. With each step she unbuttoned a single button on her raincoat and it soon became obvious that she was wearing nothing except the raincoat and high heeled boots.

Enrique groaned as Celeste circled behind him and dropped her coat to the floor. “No, no, you must leave. You can’t be here.” She nibbled his ear and blew softly on his neck.

There was a rattle at the door and Enrique stood, glancing around in panic. There was a knock, “Enrique? Why’s the door locked? Enrique?” It was clearly Marie trying to get in, and they heard the jangle of her keys.

Enrique spun and pulled the window open. With one leg out the window he looked wistfully at the naked Celeste standing by his desk, “Good Luck,” he whispered and dropped to the ground below, ducking just as the door began to swing open.

“What’s going on here?” he heard Marie exclaim as he sprinted towards the side of the building, “Where’s Enrique? Who are you? Where are your clothes?” Her shrill voice was fading as he put distance between himself and the open window. He would circle around to the front of the building and come back in. With any luck Celeste would have fled by then and he might have a reasonable pretense of deniability.

He crossed his fingers and continued to run.