A Very Special Birthday

Photo courtesy of Tish Farrell - Writer on the Edge
Photo courtesy of Tish Farrell – Writer on the Edge

The spiders all gathered that day in the barn
In the corner of the window, where it was warm

The meeting was called to order.

You all know Ms Farrell will be coming this way
But did you also know that today’s her birthday?

They all milled about and murmured a while.

Finally a spokesman admitted that they didn’t know
“We should do something special to make her big day ‘just so’!”

And so it was agreed.

Most worked to position the boards and the pots
Compose something artful where before there was not

Heavy work for spiders.

The most skilled weavers were assigned to the web
They were just finishing up when they saw Tish’s head

A lookout sounded the alarm.

She came over the rise and she crested the hill
With her camera in hand, then she stopped and was still

The spiders all scurried for cover.

She glanced to the left and she looked to the right
And peeked over her shoulder, checking the light

The barn was silent and the arachnids scarcely breathed.

She moved to the window, peered through to the room
Opened her aperture, adjusted her zoom.

She held the viewfinder up to her eye.

She snapped a few shots then went on her way
The spiders returned to the sill and wished her a fine day!

A few high fives were exchanged.

A couple of days ago, Tish Farrell of Writer on the Edge posted the photo you see above on her blog. Along with the photo she provided background information and an invitation.

So if it inspires any of you to create a piece of poetry or prose, please feel free to link back here so I can read what you’ve come up with.

This little piece of fluff is what I came up with. As a disclaimer please note that I have no idea when Ms Farrell’s birthday is; but I hope that she has a wonderful day, when it rolls around.

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

2 thoughts on “A Very Special Birthday”

  1. Oh, what a hoot, Thom. Thank you so much for a very good laugh. I’ll let on now that I’m a halloween babe so a spiders’ tribute is more than fitting. Clever you!

    Liked by 1 person

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