Heading West

Andrew and Maude pulled over, and eyeballed the cheery, well constructed, bread loaf caravan that looked so inviting. They studied it with patent indecision.

Maude whispered, “Let’s see if it tastes as good as it looks.”

Andy stared, “Looks to be made by rats. What’ll we do when they come back, huh?”


Cereal Dust Bowl by Carl Warner
Cereal Dust Bowl by Carl Warner



VisDare 124

Emily picked up a large stone, by the curb.

“Hey, Cop.” She yelled and chucked the stone, as hard as she could, shattering the plate glass before she took off running down the beach with the big cop right behind.

Jimmy the Foxx had told Dad that McAfferty, the manager of the boardwalk shop, only went to the bank on Friday nights after closing. Tonight was Friday and Emily’s job was lookout, standing on the pavement by the door, eating crackers and looking like a kid.

Dad was in with McAfferty, rifling the safe and the till. It was her job to warn him if something untoward happened.

Everything was going great till that big cop showed up.

Emily tried to whistle, but the crackers!

The cop was on ‘em; he only had to look through the window and Dad would be busted again. She couldn’t let that happen.


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