The Race


Spring is on us, the season has begun.
Bursting from the gate like a shot, I’m off and
with each step I reach a little bit further, loosening and lengthening my stride one pace at a time.

Urged ever faster, ever forward by the guiding hand who fearlessly gives me my rein.
Whose intense focus  and confidence in me is contagious.
It flows like water, downward into my psyche.
by gravity?
by force of will?
by osmosis?

Slowly I pull away from the pack.
Running, it’s what I do.
what I was born to do.
what I live for.

I have no anger when I run.
Running, it’s my passion.
there is no fear when I run.
there is no flaw when I run.

I am perfection in motion.

A Monday afternoon response to another Monday Writing Prompt generously provided by The Secret Keeper.


Cats, As In “More Than One”

TBP On-Line Writer’s Guild

“Mom, Mom, can you lend me your shoes till Monday?”

“Beth, are you nuts? You want to wear my shoes? Which ones do you want, the red strapless ones with the two inch heels? Did that Saunders boy finally ask you out?”

“No, I want…”

“You can’t have the Jimmy Choo’s so don’t even think about those!”

“No, I’m more interested in…”

My trainers? Last time I loaned you my trainers you mowed the yard in them. I never did get the grass stains out. I had to buy new shoes.”

“Your Ugg Boots, Mom. It’s your Ugg Boots I want to borrow. And I’ll probably want to keep them longer than just till Monday, too.”

“Those horrible things? I can’t let you wear those. Absolutely not, those are only for wearing around the house when no one, and I really mean no one, is coming over. I wouldn’t send a dog out in those things. Why would you want them anyway?”

“I don’t want to wear them, Mom and I wouldn’t put them on Rover either. I need ‘em for something else.”

“Beth, have you seen my lighter, I swear I put it down right here next to my cigarettes. Where could it have gotten off to?”

“Your lighter’s behind you, Mom, next to the stove. I need the shoes for the cats.”

“Cats, we only have one cat! What on earth would Mama Kitty want with my ugly old Ugg Boots?”

She stared at her daughter waiting for a response. The unlit cigarette between her lips and a flame licking up from the Zippo she held in her hand, forgotten.

“Uhm, Mama Kitty just had kittens. There’s seven of them; so it’s cats. They’re in a box at the back of my closet with some old tee shirts and your Ugg Boots. I don’t want to take anything away from them.”

Mom flicked the Zippo closed.

“Seven of them?”

Beth nodded and they started moving together towards the back part of the house.

“Can I see them? Are they all OK? Do I need to get a wind up clock? I’ve heard that they like the ticking from an old fashioned clock. I’ll run to Garvey’s Market and pick up some food and kitty litter. We weren’t planning on this many cats. I’m so unprepared!”

“Mom, Mom, settle down, we don’t need cat food or litter. At least not yet. Mama Kitty will take care of that stuff. I just need to borrow your boots. They like that fleecy lining, I think. If you have an old clock then by all means get it but it’s not mandatory.”

They got to her room and Beth opened the closet door. She pushed some clothes aside and showed her mom the seven baby kittens and Mama Kitty cuddled together amidst the boots and jersey cotton shirts.

“I didn’t even know she was expecting, Beth. Did you?”

That’s it – 25 minutes and I ran out of time so I stopped. I spent an additional 5 minutes fixing typos and spelling errors so, 30 minutes total but still pretty raw. I was having fun with this one though.


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