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The Race


Spring is on us, the season has begun.
Bursting from the gate like a shot, I’m off and
with each step I reach a little bit further, loosening and lengthening my stride one pace at a time.

Urged ever faster, ever forward by the guiding hand who fearlessly gives me my rein.
Whose intense focus  and confidence in me is contagious.
It flows like water, downward into my psyche.
by gravity?
by force of will?
by osmosis?

Slowly I pull away from the pack.
Running, it’s what I do.
what I was born to do.
what I live for.

I have no anger when I run.
Running, it’s my passion.
there is no fear when I run.
there is no flaw when I run.

I am perfection in motion.

A Monday afternoon response to another Monday Writing Prompt generously provided by The Secret Keeper.


3 thoughts on “The Race

  1. I feel like you won the Kentucky Derby. I am a Triple Crown fan. But I can see how you can look at this as ready-set-go – time to turn on the energy to give you what you need to get into the day. I start out slow and work through what I would like to accomplish,then set out on the journey to see if I remain on the path I set. Things get left out. ‘Tomorrow is another day.’

    I feel you have the energy to charge out through the gate. Your story was brilliant. You hold back the reins and take the reader through a building surprise until we all reach the finish together.

    Well, done. Another marvelous piece to read and enjoy. The second time, I saw so much more through your eyes coming into my focus. All good writing deserves as many readings as you can give it. – jk

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