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Be Careful What You Wish For


Suspended between the two worlds, Abel hung motionless, his eyes closed. He needed to think about this some more. He needed to be certain that he was making the right choice.

Benjamin had promised that if he moved to the next world he would have everything he had ever wished for, power and riches hitherto undreamed of. These dreams and distractions were the reason he had acted, and begun to climb. What was he waiting for? Now was the time to act. To claim his destiny. Indeed, he deserved no less.

In the old world he was a pauper yet, he wanted for little. There was always enough. He had good friends, a loving wife and children.

In the new world men would seek his counsel, women would desire him. He should go.

Then, eschewing the power and the money he began his descent. Began his journey back home.