Just Imagine It!


Not just an imaginary friend anymore, am I Carla?
Like Pinocchio became a real boy. I’m becoming a real girl, huh?.

Yes you are Brenda, you’re becoming a real woman of substance.

I think I’m starting to come together. Arms though, it would be nice to have arms. Maybe a full set of legs… although these are not too bad really – I can wear pedal pushers. Or do you call them clam diggers? Huh? Do you think my butt’s too big to wear those?

No Brenda, you’ll look great in cropped pants.

Carla, I just realized that I’m naked. I’m not wearing a stitch. And, we’re out in public. We’re on a train. Is this legal? Could I be arrested?

No Brenda, it’s OK. It happens all the time.
Remember when we watched “Risky Business”?
Remember Rebecca De Mornay?

Oh yeah, huh?

Are you calling Tom Cruise?


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3 thoughts on “Just Imagine It!

  1. You’re right. The formatting here really makes the dynamics of this VisDare “pop.” Love the brisk, engaging dialogue. Gives such a picture of the characters, without any overt telling. Great entry!

    Liked by 1 person

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