El Presidio Real de San Francisco

Thursday Doors

El Presidio Real de San Francisco now known more commonly as The Presidio (Spanish for either Prison, Garrison, or Fortress) is a park that was once a military base on the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula it is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It had been fortified and functioning as an active military base since 17.September.1776. Originally by Spain, then Mexico, then the United States.

The US Congress, as part of a cost cutting program, voted to end the active military use of the facility in 1994, and The Presidio was transferred to the National Park Service. They boast visitor’s centers, museums, shops, and educational facilities. It’s mission has changed.

Here are some shots of “The Commissary” door, still looking squared away and ‘very military’.


Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

6 thoughts on “El Presidio Real de San Francisco”

  1. That commissary doors does have an all-business, very staid and formal look about it.
    Didn’t they convert some of the officers quarters into condos on parts of that base? If I remember the area, that is some prime real estate with some great views of the bay.

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  2. I am from San Francisco and remember The Presidio and how it is nestled near the ocean. I remember the officers houses among the rolling green hills. I haven’t been back there in many years.

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