Set the Scene

This week marks one year since the beginning of what has evolved into The Blog Propellant. In celebration, Ms. Rose is providing a prompt every day this week. This is the second. Check it out and play along, if you dare!

George leaned against the limestone building. He was waiting for the vampires to come out and watching the moon. The rough hewn stone felt good against his back; the buttery sliver of a moon, that could have held water, was visible behind a thin layer of clouds and the cool light drizzle made the streets more slick than wet. He would need to watch his step. As twilight deepened the streetlights came on one at a time. The occasional passing cars flicked on their headlights, as if choreographed.

The silence became oppressive.

From a distance his ears picked up the tap, tap, tap, of stiletto heels on pavement. The sound grew louder as the wearer approached and he could see her red shoes at the end of the block before he could see her face. When she moved under the streetlight he was smitten. Red shoes. Clinging red dress cut just below her knees and slit daringly up the side. Her red hair was a mass of soft curls, piled high on her head and her full lips matched the dress. When she saw him she stopped and dug in her bag coming out with a cigarette.

“Got a light, Mister?” she asked, holding the smoke easily up to her lips, between her fingers.

George pulled matches from his jacket pocket, “sure babe,” he said. He held the match longer than he needed to, in order to study the depth of her eyes. She blew smoke to the side and batted her long lashes.

“Are you looking for company?” she asked.

“I’d love company, doll,” he replied, “but you better beat it. I’m waiting for the vampires.”

She shrugged her shoulders and moved on. He watched her walk and listened to the echo of her heels till the band of pachucos came around the corner.

Time to get busy, he melted into the surrounding darkness.


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