Me and the High School Career Counselor


Me: I need to be a spy; or something like a spy

She: That’s just movie stuff; you’re worth more than that

Me: My ambition is to spark dark plots and international intrigue

She: There’s no college curriculum that teaches those things

Me: I want my enemies to quake in their boots whenever someone whispers my name

She: We could train you as a tax auditor

 A Monday night response to another Monday Writing Prompt generously provided by The Secret Keeper.

6 thoughts on “Me and the High School Career Counselor

  1. That’s brilliant. Ha! Ha! Ha! Clever as Hell.Now that’s an unusual place. How perfectly lined up the two sets of dialogue, so at different purposes and as though in separate places, being that they were in different conversations and mind sets. The punch line was hysterical. You bring such amazement and great story telling every time I see what you did with the 5 words. I thank you so much. You hit the mark in the center. YES!

    Liked by 1 person

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