More on the Tucson Turquoise Door

Thursday Doors

A couple of weeks ago I posted some photos of a turquoise door that I built for our house in Tucson, when we lived there. Those photos showed the door during the construction process. Again, I built this door and I was pretty proud of it.

Norm suggested that I should perhaps post a photo of the door hung. I searched through my archives and found this one. I have one other from the first house where the door was installed, but that photo is suffering from a severe focus deficiency, and I don’t feel that I should torture you with that.

I built the door and hung it in the house we were living in, because it needed a turquoise door. When we moved to the next house we took this door. I hung it next to the fireplace and it opened from the den out onto the covered patio and the back yard. This photo was taken after the floor was done, but before the introduction of much furniture.

It was starting to show a little wear and tear from the dogs. I left this door in that house when we moved away. I’d like to think it is still there, but who knows?

The Turquoise door redux
The Turquoise door redux


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    1. I originally snapped this header shot to showcase the lights that I had made but I realized that there’s a lot more to it than that.
      There’s a lot of Dodger history. In this shot you have Walter Alston “24”, Sandy Koufax “32”, Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, and Don Drysdale. I made a header out of it.

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