James Howard Kirkpatrick glanced up at the lighted sign, “Girls, Girls, Girls”. He handed the five dollar cover to the big man who sat just inside the front door. The bouncer’s name was Dennis. James Howard knew Dennis because he had been coming here every Thursday night for the last six months.

“Evening James Howard,” said Dennis.

“Hi, Dennis,” James Howard replied. “Is Silver in tonight?”

“Got here about ten minutes ago,” Dennis smiled.

James Howard moved through the inner door into the gloom of the club. He looked at the girls on stage and the girls working the floor. Silver was not out, so he took a seat at a small round table in the back to wait. Led Zepplin music was blaring and Tawny was dancing. Tawny liked Led Zepplin. A bachelor party clustered close to the stage. They were whistling and tucking bills under the lacy garter she wore on her thigh.

Becka swung past his table. She wore a bikini top and short shorts, “Evenin’ James Howard,” she greeted him, “the usual?”

He nodded, “Thanks, Becka.”

Becka brought drinks and set them on the table just as James Howard spotted Silver. She was beautiful. She was his muse. After each Thursday evening at the club with Silver he penned several love poems. His goal was to compile a book for her and to present it as a wedding gift, after he had made her his own.

James Howard Kirkpatrick stood and waved. She spotted him, and began threading her way in his direction. She wore a loose fitting blouse that looked like it was silk or some other smooth, fabric. Tight hip-hugger jeans rode low on her waist and her belly button peeked out between the garments. They hugged and sat back down at the table. They both knew she had only a few minutes before her turn on stage.

“Hi, James Howard,” she said, “thanks for coming.” She picked up her fluted glass of sparkling apple cider and took a sip. She drank sparkling cider but they charged for champagne. He didn’t mind.

He smiled at her. They talked and laughed. She teased, and he encouraged until the DJ announced that she was next. She scurried backstage.

When she was gone James Howard Kirkpatrick pulled the small vial of clear liquid from his pocket. With his hands below the table, he removed the top. It was his latest love potion. He had brought it to test on Silver tonight, and he hoped this one would work better than the others. He was getting tired of waiting.

As he dumped the vial into her drink the music changed to Country Western. James Howard Kirkpatrick looked at the stage as Silver came out. She still had the jeans but the top was gone. She wore a shiny sterling silver triangle bra and a cowboy hat. She began shaking her hips and the bachelor party went wild.

 A Tuesday morning response to another Monday Writing Prompt generously provided by The Secret Keeper.

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