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1936 Terraplane – OLWG#6


The prompts are:

  1. This isn’t just a story
  2. Soon, soon
  3. Candy wrapper / Hudson / moss covered stone

Marisol popped the last section of chocolate bar into her mouth just as Grampa pulled his old car up to the curb. She stuffed the wrapper into her jacket pocket and ran down to his ’36 Hudson Terraplane. It was a shiny black old car with a khaki coloured interior. It was complete with suicide doors, split windscreen, big whitewall tires, and that long nose fronted by the huge grill. Grampa had gotten the car from his dad, who had gotten it from his dad. Family tradition demanded that it be kept it immaculate. He had already told her that it would be hers when he was done driving it.

She liked to let the chocolate melt in her mouth rather than chew it up. It lasted longer that way; and when she climbed into the car with Grampa he gave he a sideways look.

“You save any of that chocolate bar for me?” he asked.

“Sorry, Grampa; you shoulda been here two minutes ago.” She pushed the bill of her ball cap back and sucked the chocolate smiling at him.

He grinned, put the car in first and pulled away from the curb. He turned East on High Street and headed out of town.

“What’s up Grampa? That was a lot of mystery on the phone call. You didn’t give anything up except that you needed me all day today. Can you tell me what we’re doing? Where we’re going?

“Course I can, girl. That’s why I gotcha. We have a bit of a drive cause I gotta tell you a story. I made a picnic basket though. We can stop at that park in the canyon outside of Elmdale for lunch.”

Marisol knew that Elmdale was over an hour away.

“OK Gramps, let’s hear it.” She slouched down in her seat making herself comfortable and pulled her hat bill down lower over her eyes.

“This isn’t just a story Mari,” he started, “Every bit of it is true and I’ve never told anyone about this before. Not even your grandma.”

Marisol nodded her head and swallowed the last of the chocolate, wishing she had more.

“It all starts with the pirates in the South China Sea,” Grampa said.” I pulled one of ‘em out of the ocean. Saved his life. In gratitude he gave me this map.” Grampa pulled a folded sheet of heavy paper from the inside pocket of his coat and handed it to her.”

OK, I didn’t get all the prompts in, but I seldom do. I wrote for 25 minutes and edited for 5. I was just getting started!

I pick no 7.

5 thoughts on “1936 Terraplane – OLWG#6

  1. Damn good story for 25 minutes . . . what are you, T.N., going for the Harlan Ellison Excellence in Fiction Award?! Plus, I love the addition of the Hudson Terraplane–beautiful car; I think most people think of the Hudson Hornet first, because of the alliteration and later manufacture . . . I did, had to look up the Terraplane!. The ‘old car’ really adds character(!) to these characters, especially Grampa. Keep going!

    Liked by 1 person

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