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Daily Prompt; Underestimate

Daily Prompt; Underestimate

She kneeled over him and watched him breathe his last. “You underestimated me Dylan. You underestimated me. I’m going to miss you though.”


“Sir, intelligence on the ground indicates at least half a million invaders are storming the beaches in San Diego and Orange County. An equivalent number in Sausalito, who somehow managed to slip into the bay undetected. Similar situations exist in New York, Savannah, Miami, and Galveston.”

“Obviously, we underestimated them. Get me the Pentagon.”


He had an uncurable tendency to underestimate the labour requirements on the proposals he did for new business. We didn’t always lose money on his jobs but often enough that he had to be terminated.


‘Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side, Luke. Everyone knows that we have cookies here, but did you know they’re chocolate chip?”


“How big was the haul?”

“I’m still counting but I’d guess there’s over one and a half mil here.”

Low whistle, “Man, did we underestimate this one.”


“Richie, man I need more of these things and I need ‘em now! We seriously underestimated the demand and folks’re still lining up outside.”


Never underestimate the good that the right person can bring into your life.