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Daily Prompt; Blank

Daily Prompt; Blank

Vern took a look at the daily prompt: Bank.

That’s not too hard. He thought to himself. A lovely piece of free form verse might be in order today.

He would call it “Kid Kenny Embarks on a Life of Crime”

Kid Kenny strapped on his chrome plated pistolas
then rode down the street past Miss Perkin’s gladiolus,
and pushed open the door of the bank
only to find that Grizzly Hank
had already cleaned them out.

Or, perhaps a flash of prose by a similar name.

It was high noon when Kid Kenny rode into town. He tied up Ole Paint in front of the bank, drew his pearl handled revolvers, and kicked open the door. The new schoolmarm, Hermione Perkins, watched him come in.

“Oh Kenny,” she swooned, “Thank God you’ve come. It was horrible, Grizzly Hank just cleaned out the vault.” She gathered her skirts and ran to the door. “He just rode off. He went thataway,” she pointed towards the edge of town past the saloon. “If you hurry you can most likely still catch him.”

Thinking quickly Kenny decided not to become an outlaw today. He mounted Ole Paint and took off in hot pursuit of the robber, Grizzly Hank.

Miss Perkins might be grateful.


Vern read over his ideas – he rewrote, he edited, he agonized, and bled on the page as he had heard that Hemingway had been known to do.
Or was that Red Smith?
Maybe, Amy Tan?

It didn’t matter; both efforts were worthy of high praise and were sure to win him the admiration of his peers. He would publish them both.

He checked the link of the daily prompt to establish a pingback and noticed to his horror, that he had gotten it wrong. The prompt wasn’t bank.



It was blank.